For a journey between present and past

For a journey between present and past

The ideal starting and finishing point for tourists and travellers is our welcoming facility offering every comfort and located just a few kilometres from Vigevano, the same distance from Milan and Pavia, nestled in the heart of the Ticino Park and embraced by the famous and charming Castles of Lomellina and the traditional cascine of the local area.

Guests staying with us for work or pleasure, have many opportunities and possibilities of leisure and interest to enrich their stay.

People travelling in the Vigevano area for work commitments can extend their stay to dedicate a morning to sightseeing in Vigevano and its historical centre and a few hours visiting the new Museo Leonardiana (Leonardiana Museum), the only place in the world where you can admire all of Leonardo’s work, through a never-before-seen itinerary. Enthusiasts can also chose to see the Museum accompanied by Leonardo himself, in costume, even at night.

For a romantic or family weekend, in addition to Vigevano, it is worth visiting the pretty town of Pavia, only thirty kilometres from our facility. A day in Pavia to visit the Visconti Castle, the gothic church of Santa Maria del Carmine, designed by the Duke’s architect Bernardo da Venezia, with the splendid terracotta rose window, piazza della Vittoria and Strada Nuova, reopened under Duke Gian Galeazzo, the remains of Ponte Coperto on the Ticino river, the entrance “door” to the ducal city. And if there is any more time left, a must-see is the Certosa Monastery, an emblem of the Lombard renaissance, as well as symbol of the power of the Viscontis and the Sforzas. In the ancient ducal palace, now a museum, you can admire the fine castings of the Gipsoteca/Plaster Cast Gallery and the paintings of the most talented masters working in Certosa. The tables of the Bergognone area feature the limpid atmosphere of Flemish ancestry.
For enthusiasts of natural locations, we propose a visit to the Ticino Park on bike, foot or jogging, etc. The route takes you through the various settings of the Park, from the Leonardesque water meadows, near the model Sforzesca farmhouse, to the splendid Fasolo woods, along paths, woods and through cascine.

A tour of the Lomellina Castles completes the agenda of locations to visit over a long weekend. After the Castle of Vigevano, the next stop is Mortara, the historical capital of the Lomellina area and the centre of one of the most renowned rice production areas in the entire peninsula. Here, every so often, you will come across manor houses, military fortresses or simple defence and lookout towers. The tour continues through the rice fields surrounding the fortified complexes of Castello d’Agogna, Robbio, Rosasco and Cozzo and, taking a turn near Breme, through Garzaia di Bosco Basso, one of the most picturesque along the northern bank of the Po river. A few kilometres south-east is the extraordinarily enchanting Sartirana Lomellina Castle, dating back to the end of the 1300s and since then expanded. Advancing southwards is Mede, the industrious centre which, alongside the traditional farming activities substantiated by one of the oldest rice fields of the Lomellina area, is recent success of the goldsmithing trade. But before reaching the town we recommend taking another naturalistic “excursus” to the Natural Reserve of the Abbey of Acqualunga, located between two abandoned meandering coves of the Po river. The next stop is the legendary hamlet of Lomello. In the heart of the city, the Baptistery of San Giovanni ad Fontes is one of the most important religious complexes of Northern Italy.

Closing the cycling loop is the last stop at the farming estate called La Sforzesca, originally Ludovico il Moro’s hunting reserve and later an important centre for the experimentation of new crops, such as mulberry and grape.

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